Second movie review for the day is Spy. I’ll start by saying that I enjoyed it. Most of the jokes were good. There was also some surprisingly good fight choreography which is rare in comedy action flicks. McCarthy makes a great Bond-esque bad ass. They manage to play up the comedy without making you feel like they are making fun of her. There is some good slap sticky gags that work really well because she’s part of the joke and not THE joke. Statham is playing an exaggerated version (wasn’t sure that was possible) of himself without plot armor. It could stand to be a little shorter. It lags a bit in the second act. It’s a little graphic. You see a dudes junk and the gore is 90’s action movie level. So definitely not a family movie. Good movie to check out if you don’t feel like watching Starlord/Andy tame velociraptors.


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