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Who does that bit about it being a recession when my neighbor loses his job, but it's depression when I lose mine?

I think people aren't feeling the recovery yet. I know that the markets are back up but this graph shows personal incomes are still down. It's like the weather man saying it's sunny out but it's raining on your house. It might be sunny most places but it's still raining on me.

Thats my take on why some people still feel like the recession is going strong. I didn't really feel any of it. I'm in the Army. With the exception of the few times Congress almost fucked up our paychecks and my personal retirement fund (TSP) not growing for shit I personally haven't been impacted by this recession. I feel for people though. I hear it's been hard out there in the real world.

January 17, 2015 at 12:00PM
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