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You can now have beer delivered with your pizza in Pa.

By Rick Wills Of The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (TNS)

Mandy's Pizza in Squirrel Hill gets requests all the time for home delivery of beer with pizza.

It will be able to fulfill those requests under a ruling made Friday by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. Food retailers will be allowed to deliver as much as a 12-pack of 16-ounce beers, or 192 ounces. Wine and liquor still aren't allowed for home delivery.

"The change is a good idea. We'd like to deliver beer, and I'm sure many other businesses would, too," said Chris Riding, owner of Mandy's Pizza, which opened seven months ago and got a liquor license two months ago.

Allowing beer delivery will increase sales vastly at restaurants that specialize in home delivery, said Amy Christie, executive director of the Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage & Tavern Association.

"It is huge. This could double the volume of sales at some Mom and Pop restaurants. So many of our members are constantly being asked if they can deliver a six-pack with pizza, and they can't," Christie said.

PLCB lawyer Rob Diaz said the advisory opinion outlined that businesses that have retail licenses can legally bring beer to the front door as long as they also obtain what's known as a transporter-for-hire license.

John Mineo, owner of Mineo's Pizza in Squirrel Hill, which does not deliver pizza, said the opportunity to add beer might make it more appealing for his restaurant.

He said the safety of delivery drivers is a concern.

"Many pizza drivers have been robbed. Adding beer to what they deliver seems like it could be risky," he said.

Under the new regulation, beer must be paid for by credit card or debit card over the phone while ordering.

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